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Jeff Hall, General Manager Consulting - Superannuation, reflects on another highly successful Acurity Client Conference.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting 45 clients from nearly 20 different superannuation funds and administrators at the 2017 Acurity Client Conference. It’s an event the Superannuation team at IRESS looks forward to each year.

Stephen Mackley, Managing Director of Superannuation at IRESS, announced to our clients his decision to retire in September of this year. As CEO of Financial Synergy for a total of twelve years, and having overseen the integration into IRESS, he feels the time is right.  Stephen conveyed what a pleasure it had been to lead such an exceptional team during a period of strong growth and development for us, our clients and their members and how well positioned we are to meet the expanding needs of Australia’s superannuation industry.

Glen McCrea, Chief Policy Office at ASFA, joined us to discuss the recently announced budget initiatives, such as the “first home saver” idea – and what ASFA is doing to work through the practical details.

We also discussed the current and future development of Acurity, covering four broad key areas - legislation, functional innovation, a new web user interface and our longer term roadmap.

There is a sizeable amount of legislative work currently being undertaken by our team to ensure Acurity remains compliant and keeps our clients up to date. In terms of functional innovation, we have been continuing to build the level of straight through processing and took the opportunity to demonstrate features like new online claims, and integration with Green ID to allow on-line identification of members.

We were also able to share the new Acurity web user interface which we have commenced building and showcase our new robo advice prototype and XPLAN Prime which provides a guided advice solution for members.

Linda Zeelie, Chief Operating Officer at Statewide Super, shared the goals around its digital transformation, a journey which we are very proud to have been chosen to help enable. It’s been great to work with the Statewide Super team and they have, and continue to, encourage innovation in our products to deliver on their strategy.

We closed the day with a great session from thankyou - a company using bottled water, food and baby products to reduce world poverty. We have followed their journey closely and find the way they drive innovation and push forward always teaches us something.

I’d like to thank our clients for making the time to attend the conference. We understand a day out of your work time is a big commitment and one we appreciate. I’d also like to thank all our speakers and the team who made the day possible.

We think days like this are very beneficial; it’s an opportunity to discuss our plans for Acurity and gain valuable input from our clients and, most importantly, for our clients it’s a chance to share information and knowledge with their peers.  


The 2017 Acurity Client Conference in full swing.



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